Alquiler instrumentos / Rental instruments

Alquiler instrumentos / Rental instruments

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Alquiler instrumentos / Rental instruments

Alquiler instrumentos / Rental instruments


The event has been cancelled.

This event has been cancelled by the promoter because:


If you have bought a ticket for this event we are proceding with the refunds. We've also sent you an email with all the additional info.


Servicio de alquiler de instrumentos para los talleres del Festival Carabassamba 2020

Precio 30€/ instrumento. Dónde se tendrán que recoger y devolver en la Carpa de TAMBORES TITO PUIG, que es la empresa que dará el servicio para nuestro Festival.

No se podrán alquilar ningún instrumento que no sea a través de ticketib, ya que la organización no se hará cargo de ningún alquiler fuera de esta plataforma.


Instrument rental service for the Carabassamba 2020 Festival workshops 

Price € 30 / instrument. Where they will have to collect and return in the TAMBORES TITO PUIG Stand, which is the company that will provide the service for our Festival. 

Not instrument can be rented other than through ticketib, since the organization will not be responsible for any rent outside this platform.

The promoter has not specified underage access policy, if you have any question please contact directly with the promoter.

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