Yoga del Mar Spirit Festival Mallorca - 2023
Event s yoga del mar festival

Yoga del Mar Spirit Festival Mallorca - 2023

Antolatzailea: Yoga del Mar Spirit Festival - Mallorca 2023

Agroturismo Can Torna . Son Quint, Carr. d'Esporles, km 4, 3 Finca, 07190 Esporles, Balearic Islands Mapa ikusi Agroturismo Can Torna . Son Quint, Carr. d'Esporles, km 4, 3 Finca, 07190 Esporles, Balearic Islands

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Yoga del Mar Spirit Festival in Mallorca 


21-24. September 2023

The Yoga del Mar Spirit Festival is more than just a festival, it is a positive wave of change, community and connection - with your Self, others and nature. 

It is the first holistic festival on Mallorca, combining elements of yoga, meditation, ecstatic dance, live music, sound healing, ceremonies, workshops, wisdom talks, massages, art and community. Under the theme of UNION, founders Nina-Gyana and Yasmin bring to the island international artists such as Sam Garrett, Mose, Kevin James Carroll, DJ Arunji, Krishnatakis, as well as yoga teachers that already living on Mallorca such as Gabriela Bozic, Mirjam Wagner, David Lurey and more. 

Nina-Gyana and Yasmin founded their yoga studio "Yoga del Mar" in 2021, in the first sea line in Portixol/Mallorca. The two yoga teachers are passionate about doing something good for the island and the sea. With the festival, they support the MedGardens project, which regenerates the underwater forests in the Mediterranean that are necessary for biodiversity to thrive and mitigate the effects of climate change. "Everyone can leave a contribution, small and large, and together change can happen," is the vision of the two festival founders. 

Mallorca is the new Mecca for yoga, meditation and sustainability. The Balearic island has a lot to offer - the sea, the mountains, hiking trails, hidden secret places, the feeling of an island and yet a cosmopolitan atmosphere. Mallorca is the perfect place for Slow Travel and for a Spirit Festival. The Yoga del Mar Spirit Festival will take place on the grounds of Agroturismo "Can Torna", in Esporles, Mallorca, surrounded by nature and the Sierra Tramontana mountains. You can stay overnight in luxury glamping tents, equipped with jute carpet, mattresses and light (booking: As well as in the Finca Can Torna, in Esporles, or Palma. 

Welcome to the Yoga del Mar Spirit Festival!

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